IT consulting ◦ knowledge management:

exploiting new frontiers

in Knowledge Economy


  Advancement increasingly depends on datacenters and knowledge assets. Datacenters provide the engines that bring forward our economy, and knowledge assets play increasingly important role to the success of any business initiative.



Datacenter Services




Tools and Practices


Datacenter Services

Datacenters play critical role to most of the organizational operations.

Contradictory challenges have huge impact to the quality of services and to the way the business needs are met: reduce complexity, suppress costs, drive business innovation, provide quality services, support rapid change, minimize risks, grow existing revenue streams and generate new ones.

The solution is to transform IT infrastructure into:

  • simple

  • agile

  • always on

services without disrupting existing workloads and projects

VIOLETIS consulting services can help with:

IT Operations reengineering

High availability design

Server and Storage virtualization

Performance Management

Capacity & Configuration Management

Disaster Recovery

Security Risk Analysis

Consulting, Training, Mentoring

IT Helpdesks

Knowledge Databases


Enabling knowledge-intensive SMEs

Companies need new approach to the way they get and create information, extract meaning from it and take action that brings value. Strategies that make knowledge a critical factor of every procedure and product or service, become successful and long lasting.

To cope with such change, new tools and practices are developed and fine-tuned that help individual employees and collaborative groups

  • find and gather information with advanced search technologies

  • organize, analyze and combine structured and unstructured content with content management systems

  • leverage customer knowledge with business intelligence tools, customer relationship management and call center knowledge bases

  • share and disseminate rich media, tame information flows and measure value from the deployment of experience and expertise of like-minded experts

Our solutions leverage existing revenue streams, enable the creation of new ones and bring down cost




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